Shipping, Payments & Returns

1. Payment Method

Aisha Diri uses the following payment methods:

- Collect on Delivery

The payment may be completed with a Retail Sale Receipt when the order is delivered to the user/customer by the courrier firm.

- Bank Account Deposit

The payment may be settled with the deposit of the total amount at a bank account. Aisha Diri will communicate with the user/customer when the order is ready and will inform him/her about the total cost as well as the bank account in which the amount shall be deposited, before shipping the order.

Bank: Piraeus Bank

Account: 6743-135677-471

IBAN: GR82 0171 7430 0067 4313 5677 471


- PayPal

The order may be executed using PayPal. The users/customers should connect their PayPal account with Aisha Diri. The payment will be executed using the PayPal account, charging a credit card or a pre-paid card, and the payment terms are those of the credit/pre-paid card. The order is executed immediately, having successfully completed the payment procedure and the order that the users/customers have made is delivered.

2. Shipping Fees and Methods

Aisha Diri coordinates with ACS Courier for safe and fast delivery. The shipping fees burden the user/customer and are included in the order.

3. Date and Time of Delivery

The products will be delivered to the address that the user/customer has chosen in 2-3 working days for most areas in Greece, as long as there is stock availability. In the case of remote areas the time of delivery increases to 5 more days. In the case that the selected products are not promptly available, Aisha Diri is obligated to instantly notify the user/customer about the precise delivery day.

4. Delivery Delay

The order may be delayed, in the case that the e-mail or telephone communication with the user/customer is not possible (if a problem regarding the order, whether it is related to the product or its payment), due to incorrect personal data submission. The delivery may be also delayed in the event of extreme weather conditions, strikes or force majeure, which may affect the order transfer and delivery. In this case, Aisha Diri will communicate with the user/customer to inform and ask whether he/she wishes to receive the order without this certain product or suggest a replacement.

5. Product Condition Check

All users/customers are obligated to unwrap the delivery (without ruining the package) and check the products. Aisha Diri should be notified, in the event that the received products are not in good condition within ten (10) days. If the ten days timeline expires it is automatically assumed that the products have been received in good condition.

6. Product Return and Replacement – Charge on Aisha Diri

In the event of false delivery, such as delivery of a product other than the ordered one in kind or quantity or delivery in a ruined package, either partially or completely, or delivery of a faulty product, the user/customer may not accept the order in the first place, or ask for refund after contacting Aisha Diri. The products must be returned in the shape they were delivered to the user/customer. In the case that the products are not returned in the ten days timeline as stated above, Aisha Diri has the right not to accept the return and refuse the refund. Either way the product must be returned along with all documents that followed the delivery (eg retail sale receipt) and the full package. The way in which the product will be returned and replaced will be agreed orally or via e-mail between the user/customer and Aisha Diri. If the products are returned in bad condition Aisha Diri has the right to ask the user/customer for refund, depending on the damage. Furthermore, Aisha Diri has the right to proceed to unilateralism act of total or partial amount offset of this demand towards the user/customer. In any occasion of refunding the user/customer, the refund will be deposited in the user’s/customer’s bank account or in a voucher for future purchase from Aisha Diri.